We have learned

Over the past 25 years, at Connie Merritt Productions, I – along with my team -- have learned volumes from the conscientious work of meeting planners and speaker's bureaus with respect to the dynamics of planning, developing and executing for a successful meeting, convention, event or session. We are committed to work with you and your team every step of the way with our professional guiding principles (which our reputation is built upon) to insure: "on-time, on-budget, with no surprises and excellent communications."

We know too, how to move forward when things go sideways. We have championed on with some of the best of planners when the electric went out...or the earlier scheduled speaker was unexpectedly delayed.. and planners needed me to help fill "the gap." Committees decided to change the topic...or, we needed to work to make things work in a different way.

we understand the dynamics

We respect there is a lot on your plate as you – and your team – work to meet the meeting or conference deadlines with multiple tasks (and folks), at every turn.

We are committed to your timeline!

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