Connie Merritt Heathcare Speaking Page

As registered nurse with a passion for research, writing and speaking to healthcare professionals, Connie understands the world of healthcare, the people, processes and dynamic influences at our doorstep, today. She is an established healthcare information agent to leaders – and their teams – as she understands what they are facing as they press forward in this dynamic industry where it is estimated that the sheer volume of knowledge doubles every three years.

Fully vetted by the healthcare industry, she is recognized as a dynamic speaker having "the credentials," as well as "an insider perspective" – with the all important "one of us" voices. Her programs draw upon her vast experiences as a registered nurse, trend researcher, author and business professional. She delivers timely programs for organizations and individuals to learn the best practice skills and strategies to thrive now and continue to excel in managing tasks and relationships. This valuable information affects patient care and safety, along with high standards of efficiency – directly impacting clinical outcomes

Braveheart Series

Conquering Raiders of the Lost Spark: Your Spark Determines Your Success
Managing Daily Demands, Drama & Deadlines – even in the Midst of Change

The Life-Changing Magic of Debusifying – Get More Done in Less Time with More Energy
Crazy Busy – Inspiring Busy, Tiring Busy & Beyond Busy – We All Do It! Essential Skills for Resetting Your Priorities & Regaining Your Balance

Dealing with Difficult People & Sticky Situations in the World of Healthcare
Smart Moves for Managing Who's Pushing Your Buttons & Challenging Dilemmas

The Future of Healthcare – Rx for Tweeters, Googlers & Kaboomers
Understand the Trends & Master the Changes Rocking Your World– in Our Diverse, Multi-Generational, Hi-Tech, Mobile Workplace Environment

How to Juggle Not Struggle with Multiple Bosses & Priorities: Quitting is Not an Option
Pressing Forward in Challenging Times & Essential Skills for Managing Multiple Demands

Effective Stress Relief and Grace Under Pressure for Today's Busy Healthcare Provider
How to Maintain Focus, Calm & Professionalism and Reduce Stress in Any Situation


When Connie Merritt, RN, BSN, PHN presents the above topics, she is able to complete your CEU requirements using the following justifications:


• A key recommendation from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Initiative on the Future of Nursing is to ensure that nurses engage in learning the communication skills needed to provide care for diverse populations, which directly impact clinical outcomes.

• The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reported nurses experiencing stress and burnout may not be able to perform efficiently and effectively because their physical and cognitive resources may be reduced; this suboptimal performance may affect patient care and its safety.

• The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reported that there exists a significant generation gap in attitudes and satisfaction among younger, midcareer and older nurses and thusly continuing education needs to address these issues in order to maintain high standards of patient care and efficiency.