Women: Keynotes & Background

Driven Gal Series

Conquering Raiders of the Lost Spark – for Today's Active Woman
Essential Skills for Women to Maintain THAT Spark – Steps to Take to Re-Ignite Your Focus, Courage, Goals, Passion…and Purpose

The Life-Changing Magic of Debusifying – Get More Done in Less Time with More Energy
Crazy Busy – Inspiring Busy, Tiring Busy and Beyond Busy – We All Do It! Essential Skills for Living Your Life with Courage, Passion & Purpose

Dealing with Difficult People & Sticky Situations to Gain Greater Balance
Smart Moves for Challenging Dilemmas & Handling Complainers, Bullies, Grumps & Curmudgeons

Stress Breakthroughs for Today's Busy Woman – Mom, Daughter, Worker, Sister, Friend & Beyond
How to Manage Stress in All the Roles You Juggle: Confessions of a Critical Care/Trauma Nurse & Recovering Super Woman

The Power of Setting Boundaries & Saying NO: What Every Busy Woman Needs to Know
Essential Skills to Establish Your Boundaries, Gain Greater Focus & Save Your Sanity

The Art, Science Rewards of Letting Go
How to Take Positive Actions in Order to LET GO and Gain More Fulfillment, Freedom & Joy




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