I speak to people in healthcare who crave the joy they once had in their work and life. I show them how to turn obstacles into opportunities and traumas into traction, so they can move forward and:

  • Be more present (and pleasant) for their patients & co-workers
  • Deal with difficult people and situations
  • Set priorities and use wiser self-care
  • Take initiative, and take action
  • Have hope and let go of what’s keeping them stuck

What’s New and Exciting

From Horse Whispering to Nurse Whispering

Since 2008, I’ve studied under one of the world-renowned natural horsemanship trainers. In my talks, I now share the “horse whispering” language and strategies I’ve learned that can be empowering and healing—especially for people working in healthcare.

One of the mindset strategies that resonates with me: The problem is not the problem, the problem is your ATTITUDE about the problem.

What makes me qualified?

  • For over 25 years, I’ve spoken to the nation’s top healthcare companies, organizations and associations—many are repeat clients—so I know what resonates (and what doesn’t) with these audiences.
  • I’m a geek when it comes to research about healthcare trends and human behavior. I weave in what I learn to keep my topics current and relevant.
  • I got my BSN and PHN, then spent my nursing career in Critical Care and the Emergency Department. I was even a village nurse in French-speaking Switzerland. Been in the trenches, check.
  • Through my book from McGraw-Hill, “Too Busy for Your Own Good,” I’ve helped millions of people live in the present, enjoy what matters most, and get more done without multi-tasking.
  • I’ve had my share, and then some, of personal challenges and losses. They keep my storytelling true, compelling and inspiring.

On a Personal Note or Two…

I’m fluent in French. Which means I can’t resist a warm, buttery croissant.

When I was nine years old, I kept all the books and banking for my dad’s business. Budgets and spreadsheets don’t scare me.

I’ve mentored three young women through college, so Millennials don’t scare me either.

I’m a licensed pilot. On my first cross-country solo flight, I nearly had a mid-air collision with a California condor. That scared me.

When I’m not on the speaking trail, you can probably find me hanging out with my Quarter Horse, Trio, organizing anything and everything, or planning a themed gathering with my gal pals.