Want a keynote speaker who inspires “She gets me!” moments?

The kind that has everyone nodding, laughing, and hanging on to every word?

Here’s the truth. Working in healthcare has its own unique set of highs and lows. And unless you’ve been in the trenches, it’s hard to empathize with the rigors and frustrations of this audience.

While there are legions of great motivational speakers who can tell inspiring stories, wouldn’t it be more meaningful to hear from someone who’s felt their joy and pain firsthand?

My words inspire nurses and leaders feeling burnout to get back in the game. I show them how to live life more fully by doing less (and letting go more). 

They leave my talks empowered to find hope amidst tragedies witnessed on the job and in life.

Whether you’re here because you…

  • Are saddled with the HUGE responsibility of planning a major event, and you want “a sure thing” for your keynote.
  • Worry about losing face (and maybe your credibility) if the speaker doesn’t end up having the sizzle you hoped for.
  • Are looking for something fresh and memorable that will have people not just talking, but taking positive action right away.
  • Want the best possible outcome for patients. (You know it starts with a happy, motivated staff but how do you reignite their passion for the work?)

…Not to worry, I can help you. Let me be your “Motivational Spark-er.”




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Ready to light up your audience?