You’ll find my clients throughout all 50 states. Together, we work to make healthcare people, businesses, and associations happier and healthier.

In my audiences, you’ll find those at the heart of making this industry work:

  • Nurses from every department and level including Advanced Practice, Nurse Practitioners, and Surgicenters
  • Administrators, Executives, HR, and Continuing Education
  • Telehealth, Health Information, and Outpatient Teams
  • Other Specially Trained Staff Members
Happy Clients
“We are pleased to share with you that your evaluations were ALL extremely positive. It’s evident your insightful presentation contributed greatly to our success.”
~Mayo Foundation
“Your professional understanding as a registered nurse—and expertise of the healthcare industry—shined through. Our audience LOVED you and your timely topic…your teaching method was highly effective and your content inspired us.”
~Gannett Healthcare Group

Media Matters: The Word Is Out.

Media have called on my expertise including USA Today, Fox Business, Entrepreneur, Ladies’ Home Journal, Advance for Nurses, NBC, CNN, and CBS Radio, and other nationally syndicated radio and television programs.

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